Facebook vs. Reality

I had a real laugh with this one..Facebook is cool, but there are lots of people there pretending to be who they are not. At the very least, you have to present yourself as somebody COOL vs your real COUCH POTATO self..

Here. This caricature perfectly illustrates it.

'Jump On' Sealy Bed TV Ad

Not exactly Laugh Out Loud funny. But I find this TV cool and gets the message across. Makes me wanna buy one and Jump On iT!

Funny New SunDrop Commercial

Hilarious! I love the uber funny way the girl is dancing and the facial expressions of those who see her is just priceless!

Cute Threesome

Absolutely adorable!!!

via funtoosh.com

Sega Toylet Games in Tokyo Urinals

Not exactly LOL but its cool stuff...One should now stop wondering if Tokyo men would take their time when they are doing their thing in urinals. They are, you know...

Playing Sega Games!

Via Wired

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